HooYu is a global identity verification service using digital footprints, ID document authentication and facial biometrics to prove customer identity.

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Why HooYu?

HooYu Steps

At HooYu, we're creating a new approach to identity verification. Organisations today need a global identity platform that can quickly and automatically verify customers from all over the world. HooYu's approach is to use universal identity attributes such as social media and digital footprints, identity documents and facial biometrics to confirm customer identity.

Global Service

Our goal at HooYu is to supplement traditional database-led approaches to verification where lack of data coverage results in good customers being rejected and the fear of identity fraud prevents expansion into new geographical markets. Additionally as more and more data breaches fuel fraudsters' ability to commit identity theft, it's time to add a new dimension to customer identity checking and keep fraudsters on the back foot.

Example Results Complete

The HooYu identity platform has been designed as a flexible identity check process to suit different business requirements for sharing economy and peer2peer sites, or regulated companies that are mandated to check customer identity or ecommerce sites with high-risk orders.

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