How HooYu Works

HooYu is an identity verification platform that verifies customers by analysing their digital footprint, authenticating their driving licence, ID card or passport and delivering a biometric facial verification. HooYu can be easily integrated into your site or app and verifies your customer’s identity in three easy steps...

Step One

The customer takes a selfie with their mobile or web cam, shares their social media or online account details and takes a picture of their ID document

Step Two

HooYu completes a biometric facial verification, extracts and scores identity information from the user’s online identity and ID documents and authenticates their ID documents

Step Three

Identity attributes are cross-referenced, matched and scored against each other to drive an overall identity confirmation score

Step Four

HooYu generates an identity confirmation report showing how many sources confirm the customer’s identity attributes such as Name, Address, Date of Birth so you can confidently transact with your customer

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