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Catch up on our on-demand webinar where we discuss how financial services can engage with their customers to meet their ongoing KYC requirements

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KYC Remediation - how to effectively reverify the identity of existing customers

In the aftermath of several financial services firms being fined over their AML processes, many companies are turning to HooYu to help them solve the challenge of reverifying their customers. In this blog, we explain how you can effectively reverify your existing customers, as mandated by the AML regulations, and how you can manage fears of identity theft and phishing when asking your customers to reverify.

Customer Verification

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As International Fraud Awareness Week begins, it is revealed that 1-in-5 people ignore the risk of being scammed if they think they are getting a great deal!

Everybody loves a good deal; however new research has revealed that people are prepared to take unnecessary risks when searching for a bargain. In partnership with International Fraud Awareness Week (November 12-18, 2017) we've surveyed 1,000 people about their shopping habits and the risks they are willing to take, to get a good deal. Read on to find out what we discovered...  

Fraud awareness week and Hooyu

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In an age of data breach, is it time to go beyond traditional database checks to prove customer identity?

Nearly two months after the Equifax data breach, the true extent of data stolen by hackers is emerging. In the meantime at HooYu, we’ve been seeing more of our clients asking to use both the traditional database checks and HooYu’s identity document authentication and digital footprint analysis. In this blog we examine the weaknesses of relying solely on the tried and tested means of database checking and ask if it’s time to go beyond traditional database checks to prove customer identity.

Data breach

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