#GlobalSharingWeek – How ID verification is helping the sharing economy

While the sharing economy is in its infancy, as a sector it’s one that is certainly on the rise. However, with this new type of business comes the risk of fraudulent activity - it has never been so important for the sharing economy to make sure they are carrying out the necessary checks when it comes to verification and customer identification checks. As part of #GlobalSharingWeek, we’re giving our advice and insight into how companies within the sharing economy can protect their customers by using effective ID verification technology such as HooYu.

Global Sharing Week

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How online gaming is becoming a soft target for fraudsters

The online gaming industry is worth millions of pounds, so it isn't that surprising to learn that online gaming is an emerging sector that is being targeted by fraudsters. But what can gaming companies do to prevent fraud? Take a look at our advice. 

Online gaming


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Press Release: HooYu partners with Stubbs Gazette to launch instant online identity verification technology for the Irish market

London, Dublin – May 08, 2017 – HooYu today announced that it has partnered with leading Irish information services provider, Stubbs Gazette, to serve the Irish market with its innovative identity verification service. Since the launch, Stubbs Gazette have found customer on-boarding times slashed and customer abandonment rates have decreased.  


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On-demand webinar: Account Opening Benchmarking report

Watch our on-demand webinar with Group Editor of Retail Banker International, Douglas Blakey and David Pope, Head of Marketing for HooYu, as they discuss how effective online bank account openings are within the UK banking sector.

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