New report: Have gaming operators got their systems in place ready to tackle World Cup fraud?

by Vicky Brien

As you may you know the World Cup is kicking off on the 14th June and it’s reported that half the world will stop to watch and enjoy.

Gaming operators across the globe will of course enjoy record growth as this huge sporting event kicks off. Unfortunately, so will fraudsters and money launderers but for rather different reasons.

Our latest research shows that the expected level of fraud at this year’s World Cup will increase by a whopping 50%, highlighting just how much of an impact sporting events like these will have on gaming operator’s fraud levels.

Our report has been designed to help gaming operators understand both the opportunity and risk in this World Cup and examine how operators can boost their fraud defences using the range of HooYu identity technology.

Download our report here to find out more.

Vicky Brien

Senior Marketing Executive