Why HooYu?

HooYu’s ID verification technology is currently being used by a variety of trusted businesses.
But don’t just take our word for it. Find out from our customers and hear what they have to say.

Reparo Finance Logo

Where customers are not met face-to-face HooYu is key to preventing fraudulent applications and is more powerful than traditional AML/KYC checks.

Sharon Bryden, Operations Director
Fonmoney Logo

HooYu helps us make our customer journey more efficient and smooth whilst helping to ensure we are in line with customer identity checking compliance.

Matthias Wurmbock, Managing Partner
BC Remit Logo

HooYu’s digital footprint and identity document checks are a great compliment to our database checks to quickly confirm customer name, address and date of birth.

Oliver Calma, CEO, BCRemit

Iamtn Logo

KYC technologies like HooYu are helping remitters to verify and welcome new customers, speed up the flow of money and to meet regulatory requirements.

Veronica Stuudsgard, CEO
Vestabyte Logo

With the use of innovative technology such as HooYu, Vestabyte offers a quick easy registration process to invest in a wide number of companies, allowing the everyday person to invest in the companies they believe in.

Scott Schulz Co-Founder of Vestabyte
Stubbs Gazette Logo

Irish firms have come out of the financial crisis looking to build in more robust customer on-boarding processes. By using this service, firms can more successfully protect themselves against fraud and money laundering and speed up the process of welcoming their customers.

James Treacy, CEO